Friday, September 23, 2011

Here come the Microbots

No that's not a misspelling, six years before Mego launched Micronauts, Kenner had tried their luck with the Microbots, a series of futuristic robots who could build their own environments. They even had their own (one shot) comic book by Gold Key!
Sadly, the line didn't take off and was quickly forgotten, the toys themselves are very hard to find these days but there is eveidence that some made it onto store shelves..

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Anonymous said...

They made them onto store shelves alright. I had them as a child and I bought a store display and around 6 or 7 carded robots off eBay about 12 years ago. They are wonderful, jewel-like metal toys.

Richard Bensam said...

I cannot even begin to convey how fond I was of the Microbots. Photos can scarcely convey how artfully designed and well-made they were -- definitely a touch classier than your average 60s robot toy. I regret that I wasn't able to get a complete set before they vanished from the store so abruptly, and I further regret the few I did own went missing when my family moved house a few years later. (You'd better believe that when I get a bit of dosh socked away, I'll be looking for them on eBay just like Anonymous...)

I was also a big admirer of the Gold Key one shot comic -- written by a young Len Wein, it turns out -- but rereading it years later, the story was a shade too dark and disturbing for a toy tie-in.

Thanks so much for this post! Once again it brings back happy (if wistful) memories.


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