Friday, September 26, 2008

Great Hera! Look at those Box Cars!

The mid to late seventies saw what would become a regular event in our lifetime, an explosion on superhero merchandising. Some of it cool and logical like the Mego Superheros and some of it well, just plain strange. Take for example the 1977 Tyco Superhero boxcars, an odd marriage of Comic Books and the Rail Yard.

Tyco solely went with the DC characters for this venture and the used the seventies four pronged merchandising machine of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Shazam! Shazam faded from a lot of merchandise once his live action TV Series was cancelled. Poor Aquaman once again gets the shaft....

Also check out these links for more Super Heroic Merchandise from the same era!

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Ian Sokoliwski said...

What the heck is an HP2, anyway?

My favourite bit of DC toy kitch was the 'Daily Planet' newspaper delivery van. Just the fact that, emblazoned on the side of the thing, was Clark Kent changing into Superman.

It's like how Marvel Comics supposedly existed within the Marvel Universe (some characters read the adventures of other characters periodically), yet I doubt that 'Peter Parker, Spider-Man' was one of those titles :D

Ian Sokoliwski said...

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man.

That's what I meant to write.


I'm gonna lose geek street cred for that mistake.

The King Of Cool said...

It does seem like poor Aquaman is always getting the shaft. Poor fella. Gotta feel sorry for him.

JFStan said...

That's the funniest thing Wonder Woman's ever said. I assume "box cars" is a euphemism for "biceps"? Or worse..?

rob! said...

"Poor Aquaman once again gets the shaft...."


i should have a grudge against Shazam, considering how much merchandise he bumped Aquaman off in the 70s.


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