Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Underwear that's Fun to Wear

I wouldn't be a good seventies orientated blogger if I didn't address Underoos every so often. I think I saw my first commercial for these probably during the Superfriends and like a lot of kids, demanded them on the next shopping trip. Of course, they were no where to be found in my area. At least my kids have them now.
This ad features my favourite 70s Marvel Character Spider-Woman, I really wish Mego had made a figure of her....

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chunky B said...

I never realized they made Spider-Woman, I really didn't think she was that big, or as big as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, etc.

Wow, that's really cool.

Arkonbey said...

So, how come the boy gets a quasi-superman outfit, but the girl gets an advert of sorts for Spider Woman.

I agree with Chunky: interesting choice. Especially the interesting Marvel/DC mix

Dancin' Homer said...

the Spiderwoman roos were done in advert style so that the girl wearing them wouldn't constantly be faced with "who are you supposed to be?". although, i guess it's fair to say that nobody should be seeing her in her underoos, so she really wouldn't get that question much, would she?

and although the greatest part of Spiderwoman's look was her wig, i agree it would be cool if the underoos looked like the costume, gossamer webwings and all!

rob! said...

Marvel's licensing dept. REALLY pushed Spider-Woman didn't they?

Anonymous said...

I had the spiderwoman set, and absolutely loved it! I wore it every chance I got. My brother had the superman and hulk sets.


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