Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is one of the few examples of dressing alike where it hurts both parties equally. I love the tagline that states "Casual Styles too smart to just stay at home" Yes, indeed show the world your matching jumpsuits and space age flip flops.


If you're Canadian and grew up in the seventies, chances are Canadian content laws had you watch at least one episode of The Starlost before. the series was supposed to be Canada's answer to Star Trek but thanks to some US backing falling through, ended up looking like a poor cousin to Doctor Who.

Starlost follows the adventures of three young people who grew up on an Amish farm only to discover they are really on a floating space ark, whose crew has been wiped out by a "Radiation Virus" (science boo-boos like this caused creator Harlan Ellison to disown the whole show) and they must explore the other communities in the ark hoping to find someone that can steer tham away from a collision course with a sun.

All in all, the actual premise of the series is very good, it's also well acted, it's just the execution that suffers a little. The series is shot on video and much of the effects are chroma key based, the writers also seemed to have pacing problems, the exciting music breaks in at times seeming almost as if it's being ironic. With the Canadian series available, one wonders if CTV's "The Trouble with Tracy" (worst sitcom ever to many) may see DVD release.

Also available are the second season of Adam 12 and the complete series of George Peppard in Banacek.


Ian Sokoliwski said...

Yowtch! The Starlost?!??!

I mean...yowtch!

They couldn't even muster together any sort of making-of featurette or anything for the DVD. Too bad...not terribly surprising, mind you, but too bad anyway.

Wasn't the guy who played Garth on that Swiss Family Robinson show as well?

Arkonbey said...

Hey! Don't harsh on Dr. Who! ;)

Man. More jumpsuits. When I was flying on helicopters in the US Coast Guard, I thought that nobody could look bad in a flight suit. I am now proven wrong.

Looks like the tryouts for the Gizmonics Institute employee calendar.

Plaidstallions said...

I'd never harsh the Doctor, trust me!

The Gizmonics thing is brilliant.

rob! said...

those man-sandles = FAIL.

wurwolf said...

You know, I was 6-16 in the 70s, and I'm trying to remember if I ever saw any adults actually walking around in a jumpsuit. I mean, out in the mall or on the streets, not on tv or in a catalog. I have to say no, I don't recall ever having seen that. Maybe I just blocked it out.

Arkonbey said...

Rob!: Mandals?


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