Friday, September 05, 2008

1980 Imperial Puffy Sticker Catalog

What's a more appropriate way to end a week devoted to back to school than by paying tribute to those items that often ended up on our binders, Puffy Stickers! Imperial Toy was one of the biggest producer of these back in the day, even when they didn't have the license they would come awfully close to mimicking it. Imperial did have some really familiar faces such as Web Woman, Buck Rogers, hell they made John Belushi stickers!

Check out the 1980 Imperial Puffy Sticker Catalog


Arkonbey said...

Funny. I remember puffy stickers, I just don't remember being all that into them and I can't think why. Don't all kids love stickers?

chunky B said...

1941 Stickers, how did I miss these? I freaking love that movie.

I like how it looks like they just recycled some military stickers in the mix, a helicopter, those didn't see much use in 1941, the movie or the year, LOL!


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