Friday, May 11, 2007

A toy galaxy far, far away

Star Wars Toys

It's hard to believe that Star Wars is now thirty years ago, thanks to polyester pal the Intergalactic Pimp, we have cool scans of those Kenner Star Wars product catalogs that used to be inserted in the Playsets, so many happy memories, I used to carry one of these with me everywhere.

Sorry I screwed up the link this morning, it's working now.

Thanks to the recent upgrade at the Megomuseum, Plaidstallions now has a toy forum, come check it out.


chunky B said...

Vintage Star Wars Catalogs! Sweet. Also love the vintage and retro forum. Unfortunatley I could fit all my vinatge toys in one hand. I do like vintage stuff though and I try to grab some repros and vintage when I can.

Scurvy said...

Awesome to see this again. I only still have a handful of figures, but I Have the diecast Falcon, Slave 1, and the CLoud Car too.

Anonymous said...

man what fun memories seeing these again, 30 years on..... had most everything in them at one time or another, the radio controlled sandcrawler always eluded me. back in the day the stormtrooper rifle really LOOKED like the real deal, having it all orange or whatever these days just isn't the same thing!!!!!! dusty abell


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