Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Big Jim Means Big Adventure

Big Jim Sports Equipment

I don't collect it now but man the Big Jim Camper pictured on this page just rocked my world back in '74. I remember drooling over that boat and buggy set. Early Big Jim is just so representative of the early 70s, you can't get more peaceful than a guy who goes fishing. I still have my talking Big Jim backpack and it works, I should try and put some files of it up here.

Oddly enough, I saw a boxed Camper at an antique mall on the weekend, my four year old practically begged me for it. Big Jim has still got it I guess.


Anonymous said...

i guess i musta been 5 years old, but i definetely had the rescue rig and the camper, man those were awesome toys! dusty abell

SlipperyLilSuckers said...

I finally found a Camper in Australia and bought it yesterday Yay. So, did your son get one too? I sure hope so! Cheers ;)

Anonymous said...

I had one of these. I used to spend hours with it parked under our air conditioners condensation drain, letting it flood the camper. The Earthquake, Towering Inferno and Flood movies were big then.


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