Friday, May 04, 2007

Cylons that don't look good in a dress

mattel battlestar galactica play set

Although Battlestar Galactica is a hit show nowadays, the series that had the better toys was the original. So take a journey back to when Cylons were men in suits, and Starbuk was a dude to the cool toys that got made and the cooler ones that didn't.


Jon Busey-Hunt said...

Battlestar was my JOYNT, man. I had all the figures, the two large-size guys AND all the ships.

Okay -- not ALL the figures -- that whole second line, with Lucifer and the gold Cylon and Apollo, I never ever could find. To my great shame.

Swinebread said...

Great stuff! He didn't little kids choke on the viper blasts or something.

Jon Busey-Hunt said...

Yup, the second wave of vipers/Cylon Raiders had non-firing missiles because of it too.

Scurvy said...

I had the remote Cylon Raider. I loved it and wish I still had it.

rob! said...

i had that weird Ovion figure, and pretended he was a monster that fought the JLA (via the Super Powers line).

i was a lonely kid.

Jon Busey-Hunt said...

We were all that lonely, man.

qosmiq said...

Knowing this is just too cool. I want to go back in time NOW!
So much popculture gets lost. Thank you, PlaidStallion!


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