Friday, May 18, 2007

Oscar Goldman's Exploding Briefcase Commercial

Another one from my new DVD this time it's the awesome Six Million Dollar Man's boss, Oscar Goldman with his fancy sportcoat and exploding briefcase. I spent hours with that thing!


rob! said...

the Oscar Goldman doll got a shout-out in 40 Yr Old Virgin...he's a star!

Anonymous said...

LOL Fantastic!

David said...

Wow. Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman observe a briefcase full of state secrets falling into enemy hands, and all they do to stop it is yell, "Hey!" ?

It's effective management practices like this that made our crackerjack intelligence services what they are today, kids.

David said...

I'm so very sad. I had kept all of my six-million dollar man stuff. I had two of the Steve action figures, the Oscar (with the still-working briefcase), the cool spaceship/operating room. Then my dad's basement flooded, and the stuff got damp, and he THREW IT ALL AWAY. Could have left it out to dry for a couple days, but no...all gone.



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