Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Shark! by Ben Cooper

When Jaws hit pop culture like a runaway train, licensors lined up to cash in. The only problem? Any toy company can make a shark toy and boy howdy did they.

This particular one by Ben Cooper just goes above and beyond by including a victim, a scared victim!

Man, I know that face, I make it at least once a week.  I wish I owned this toy but it was kindly submitted by a collector to include in Rack Toys

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Gamera977 said...

The human victim in the shark's mouth is disgusting, gross, vile, and totally tasteless.....

Therefore; as a young boy I would have loved it!!!

(I'm not a big black humour sorta guy but I still think it's funny)

YesterdayIsNow said...

That's a pretty poor likeness of Robert Shaw.


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