Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Official Planet of the Apes Prison Wagon

Like clockwork, just as my birthday rolls around, an excuse to do something terribly irresponsible with my money comes with it. This year it was this, one of my "top five" rack toy and Planet of the apes wants. 

The reason you ask? Well, let me lay it out for you, first off, it's a Planet of the Apes toy and I've been smitten with the apes since I first saw the cartoon as a kid. Second, it's a rack toy by Azrak Hamway and includes some wonderfully little touchs.

First of all, Dr. Zaius is driving the wagon in his beautiful blue suit. Not sure why AHI always dresses Zaius in blue but they do and I love it.

I have a tremendous weakness for Apes toys that feature the Astronauts, always have. They never look like Heston and they're always in some sort of Space suit, it's wonderful.

Cornelius is riding shotgun, just like he never did. How can you not love this?

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Bill said...

I had one of these when I was a kid! I have no clue what became of it, but I remember playing with it all the time!

Dantheman said...

Now, this is just a theory, but I think Dr. Zaius was given blue outfits because being an orangutan, he was orange, and blue contrasted well with that, so AHI probably thought it would make him stand out more.

Armpit Studios said...

At first I thought that astronaut was a mummy.


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