Friday, October 26, 2018

1986 Collegeville Halloween Costume Catalog

Collegeville was one of the leading Halloween costume manufacturers of the late twentieth century. 

 This extensive 1968 catalog really demonstrates the powerhouse licenses they were rocking in the 60s, including Labyrinth, The Transformers and the Go-Bots, WWF Wrasslers, Wuzzles, Rainbow Bright and the Peanuts, it's a good group and some solid 1980s nostalgia.

1986 Collegeville Halloween Costume Catalog

ben cooper catalog


Danny Cruz said...

The wrestling ones are actually AWA not WWF.

Trilkhai said...

I've never heard of Hallmark's "Hugga Bunch", oddly enough, but now I really wish their Care Bear line had included a "Tweaker Bear." I wonder what his/her tummy symbol would be... ;-)

Michael Senger said...

I've been looking for those wrestlers for years. they never show up for sale


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