Friday, June 22, 2018

Pod Stallions 63: Convention Stories

The last PodStallions we did was so much fun, we rushed back to do another, look at us being proactive! This week’s show is all about conventions and toy shows.

We explore our humble first conventions (which were mind blowing to us then) and eventually get all the way to modern tales of San Diego comic con.

Along the way we talk about celebrity encounters, being a dealer, terrible conventions, John Colicos, Colin Baker, Jon Pertwee, spending all our money, getting drunk and renting adult videos? How did we even? Nevermind.

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pro wrestling photog said...

Fun podcast to listen to. I used to work at Shinder's. Not the St. Paul one but the one in Blaine and Roseville. I also went to the Doctor Who convention with the 2 Doctors. I stayed to get their signed 5x7's.


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