Tuesday, January 30, 2018

McActionfigures : More Fun than Burgers

My local Eaton's growing up had a huge McDonaldland display that looked just like this in a cube in the middle of their toy department. I recall being kind of in awe of the diorama but it couldn't compete with Big Jim, Bulletman or the Mego Superheroes in my five year old brain.

I was later told by a salesman for Irwin Toys (the distributor in Canada) that I wasn't alone in that. 

1976 remco catalog

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Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

I finally got my hands on one of these last year, complete with all the figures. The little train is a hoot!


Barry said...

I remember my Grandma buying me a Ronald McDonald doll, and being so bummed because I really wanted a Mego Thing or Iron Man and was like how the heck am I going to integrate him in anything with I do with the rest of my Mego’s. Eventually he became a clown alien for my Star Trek guys.

Anonymous said...

There is something truly disturbing about the beady, solid black eyes on 70s era Ronald. He isn't quite in the league of the Poltergeist clown or Pennywise, but there is some serious "Michael Meyers" potential in the head sculpt. With a black wig and a much darker shade of red for the mouth, this would be an incredible Halloween mask.


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