Friday, January 19, 2018

1971 Hasbro GI Joe Adventure Team Catalog

 My earliest memories of action figures are Hasbro's GI Joe Adventure team, I would spend hours staring at those wishbook pages, drooling at those fuzzy faced guys having adventures. 

The sights of these toys are so hard-wired in my brain, they're pure happiness.

That's why I'm excited to be showcasing the 1971 Hasbro GI Joe Adventure team catalog, full of helicopters, snakes, sharks, mummies and spies!

  Please enjoy the 1971 Hasbro GI Joe Adventure Team Catalog.

ahi 1980 batman

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Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

I had a GI Joe with a beard, you pulled his dog tag and he said something. I never could understand what he was saying... :(

Umbratikus said...

The GI Joe Adventure Team was "it" for me. Like Brian, it was my first foray into action figures. I was an action figure kid and had a bunch: Johnny West, Mego (PotA, Super Heroes, Star Trek, Starsky & Hutch), and Big Jim were all found in my play room. Even Gabriel's Lone Ranger sets and Matchbox's Fighting Furies. But I always came back to my GI Joes.

Armpit Studios said...

Interesting that they gave the black one mean eyebrows.

Unknown said...
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