Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Denim Duo

From the "Alex and Alexandria Cabot" Collection for evil brother-sister twins

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Anonymous said...

TR says: So THAT is what Team Rocket [TM] looked like, in the 1970s! :)

Hugh Walter said...

Having been to a smart wedding up in London last summer where some of the smartest women present (a major UK Actor's girlfriend for instance) were wearing jump-suits, only to then read an advert for men's velvet jackets ("Britians best kept secrete - only 79 pounds")in last night's Evening Standard; I fear you excellent retro-blog may soon become the most up-to-date Blog on current sartorial elegance out there!

It's just a little bit frightning, those cats the 70's fashions are mi'hine'ning!


John said...

Go Speed Racer tryouts.....

JFStan said...

That guy looks like a live action 'Double Trouble' Big Jim action figure.


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