Monday, October 17, 2016

Topstone. Not Just another pretty face

Let's kick off Halloween talking about Topstone shall we? 

Topstone started marking masks in the 1950s, I mainly know them for their famous character art. this Wolfman was offered in comic books my entire childhood.

The company closed it's doors in the 1990s and Topstone masks are now highly collectible among passionate collectors.

I still remember how a bin of those smelled, I hope I never forget it.

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Anonymous said...

There was something about, + probably still is, about putting a latex rubber, full head mask RIGHT onto your head + face, running around at night...trick or treating.
I did some of that in the 1980s + '90s.
The smell of rubber + sweat you got from the mask, most times, was a lot of fun! There's nothing like having that smell, or those kid-hood memories. :D


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