Sunday, October 09, 2016

Review: Comic Book Fever by George Khoury

I own a lot of books by George Khoury, in fact this isn't even the first book by him that I've reviewed on this blog and I don't read much, so that's pretty special.

The reason I own so many, is that George and I seem to like a lot of the same things. His latest opus is no exception, in fact, I believethe average reader of this blog should know about this, so join me after the jump for further exploration of this neat book.

To summarize, Comic Book Fever is  a "love letter" to the author's personal golden age of comics, 1976-1986."

Seeing as I learned to read in 1976 (to a Fantastic Four Treasury edition no less), this feels almost like it's written for me. However, I've left the world of "bagging ad boarding" behind me decades ago, so let me explain the true appeal of Comic Book Fever. 

The book is not a dry history of comics or endless discussions on the medium, it's actually a celebration of the era and discusses all those little things and perks that made it a special time growing up, Here are just some of the topics discussed:

  • Super Hero Slurpee Cups
  • The KISS Comics
  • Snyderman and Heroes World
  • GRIT! (My God, I can't tell you how many times I wondered what Grit was as a kid)
  • GI Joe Super Adventure Team (with Bulletman)
  • Alice Cooper Marvel Comics One Shot
  • Treasury Editions
  • Giveaway Comics (Captain America and Campbell Kids? Really?)
  • Colorforms
  • Masters of the Universe
  • Star Wars Comics
  • Hostess Ads
  • Rom SpaceKnight
  • Spidey Super Stories
  • The Human Fly
And my personal favourite, one of the best written pieces I've seen on the promotional Big Jim P.A.C.K promotional comic that Marvel made.

So don't let the title fool you, even if you're not an ardent comic reader these days, Comic Book Fever is a wonderful time warp to when you were. This one will be on my night stand for the foreseeable future.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

a little something in regards to the ROM spaceknight coverage in Comic Book Fever...

Mick said...

The book sounds great! I had that Kool Aid comic. However, I am getting a "very special episode of Different Strokes" vibe from that cover.


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