Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Amazing Micronauts Exhibit

Today's update is a fun look at the amazing displays my pal Ray "Acroray" Miller put up at the Kruger Street Toy Museum a few years back. 

I was lucky enough to see it first hand (luckily we also held Mego Meet there at the time) but for those of you who didn't, this is an incredible experience to see Ray's amazing, comprehensive collection.

Ray's display comprises of vintage toys, concept art, catalogs, Japanese Microman items, prototypes, related merchandise and the many post Mego iterations of the toys and characters. Check it out after the jump.

Warning: This could have you searching Ebay. Just sayin'

Ampzilla was a late addition to the line and quite rare.

Foreign Made Micronaut Magnetic characters like Green Baron and the Emperor.

Halloween costumes and the amazing Marvel Comic book.

These are Takara Microman toys from Japan, which is from whom Mego licensed the concept.

This is a pretty sweet set up.

Original concept art for Hornetroid and Terraphant.

Original Harold Shull Concept art.

Prints of the Amazing Ken Kelly artwork.

Yup, that happened.

After Mego folded, Hourtoys was formed and began cranking out The Interchangables, they looked oddly familiar.

Original mego catalogs and promotional materials.

Original Commercial Reel

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

another great Micronauts posting in a series of great Micronauts postings this week which i hope culminates into a great Micronauts podcast tomorrow.


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