Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sears Space Command Center and Sound Studio

This oddity from 1979 was a generous gift from my pal John, it's one of those things that Sears stuck in their catalogs to sell along side other licensed toys. This one tries for all the marbles, trying to get some Star Wars heat and the 12" celebrity doll craze. More pics after the jump!:

Like I said, it's one half recording studio (with working microphone) and the other half is a spacey mission control. IT'S TWO THINGS!

Brick can record his next hit single.

Or Commander Mantooth can make sure the galaxy is safer. OK, this set is obviously scaled for larger figures and Brick's outfit is far too tight but it all doesn't matter because


PS You get bonus points if you can name the action figure making a cameo on the box.


Unknown said...

Where in the name of everything that is holy did you get a Green Slime figure!?

Alan said...

An did Sears (or whoever) really pay to license the Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey (visible on one of those back panels)?

Barry said...

This is so insane.

Neal P said...

The figure on the box looks like Super Joe, the replacement for the 12" GI Joe. I don't think they were still in production by 1979 though, so no cross-promotion opportunity for Sears there.

John Scott Tynes said...

AMAZEBALLS. So it looks like there's a cutout for the music studio you can look through -- does that mean there are multiple inserts to fill that window for the space command center? Reminds me of the viewscreen panels you could hang on the old Mego Star Trek bridge playset.

Nick Katerelos said...

The figure on the box is a double action "Mister Action"


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