Friday, June 06, 2014

Brick Mania @ Mego Meet

The underlying theme of this year's Mego Meet customs auction was Brick Mantooth, I donated Brick heads to any customizer that wanted to provide their own take at our spokes model.

The results are as I'd hoped, a fun fusion of mad skills and imagination. Above is Brikk Mannigan and yes, he goes commando.

Meet Brick's wrestling alter ego "Brick Schlithouse"

Stormtoother and Squeeze Leia are a take on an obscure science fiction film whose name escapes me.

Doctor Thrust is an adult film star who gained super powers.

Brick as Captain Avenger, his resemblance to John Ritter is amazing.

What if Brick was an Italian Superhero? meet Super Faviloso.

Toy Hawk is going to swoop in and take money from my wallet.

Vantooth is the sweet ride Brick drives around in and solves mysteries, I love this more than air.

What a fun experiment and one I hope to repeat next year. 

There are plenty more amazing custom Mego items up in this year's auction and you don't have to attend Mego Meet to bid on them, check out this site for more information.

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