Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beyond Tomorrow Again

Ever since I posted this back in 2010, I have been keeping my eyes out for one at Toy Shows. At last weekend's Mego Meet it walked right up to me as somebody I know was selling it and wanted my opinion. I didn't get to buy it but I did take a few better shots of it.

I'm not particularly surprised that the box is a single colour line art affair seeing as it was mainly a Sears catalog piece. 

I really wanted to put the whole thing together and take some detailed photos but it's more complicated than I realized and would have taken me a long time, so i settled for a few random shots.

Here is the thing most interesting to me, the small bootleg Star Trek crew this set came with, it's pretty brash copyright infringement, even by 1975 standards. I really want these little guys.

The rest of this set are the generic astronauts that are in everybody's junk drawer, I bought a set with these guys in the 1980s and I'm pretty sure I still see them from time to time.


Devlin Thompson said...

The majority of the vehicles and equipment in this were recycled from the Fireball XL-5 playset.

Tex said...

Love those old Marx astronauts. Used to have a bunch of 'em back before Katrina.

(missing the days when you could find space toys on the racks)


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