Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Black Hole Gun

As promised to Jason in our upcoming episode of Pod Stallions, I've finally scanned this and put it on the blog for the world to see.

While Disney had a ban on guns in the US (Mego couldn't give their Black Hole characters weapons) it didn't stop UK distributor Marx from attempting to produce a child friendly replica of the awesome hand gun from the movie.

One can only assume that Mego was responsible for this but it doesn't appear to have ever been released. Another chapter in my book "toys not released in the 1970s that make me sad".

Look for episode 7 of Pod Stallions this Friday, our episode is titled "Battle beyond the Star Wars" and is about movies like Black Hole, Message from Space and Star Trek the motion picture.


Aricosaur said...

That thing is pretty cool. Why does it seem like Europe and Japan got all the cool stuff? (or almost, in this case.)

Disney wouldn't allow guns? That makes it so much cooler that Lucas insisted on roleplay guns for Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, it's interesting that the discription uses the phase, "fighting the Black Hole war." I don't remember there being a real war in that film. Interesting turn of phrase, huh?

Mal said...

Uh-oh. Now you're in for it.
According to the NAACP this post and that toy are demeaning to African-American women.

Ichabod said...

You just made my head explode. Why, oh why, did this hunk of plastic awesome never see the light of day?

Joseph said...

Man what a cool toy for any kid of the back hole years. I totally see myself with this in my black hole pjs and my black hole bed sheets.


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