Friday, July 12, 2013

The Ultimate Star Trek Shirt

This smiling "autographed" picture of Leonard Nimoy is believed to be from a series of store appearances promoting not toys but what I have deemed the most incredible piece of Star Trek merchandise ever. 

What follows after the jump is madness, be warned.

First, let's get the company name out of the way, Huk-A-Poo. Huk-A-Poo is the name for wonderful disco shirts and blouses, I've probably featured hundreds of their products over the years but none this incredible.

Behold the Huk-A-Poo Star Trek disco shirt in all it's wonderful glory. We could have just taken pictures of the shirt and left it at that but no, we went the extra mile here.

I enlisted the aid of my pal Corey to recreate a vintage faux catalog shoot. 

The classic Mr Spock model kit pose, did I mention absolutely no citizen of Wheeling, WV batted an eye while we did this ?  


Anonymous said...

If this is your particular brand of madness sir I like it!

Plaidstallions said...

Thank you!

Barry said...

I'm pretty sure I have a shirt from Huk-A-Poo but it is not nearly as amazing as this.

Scott said...

Kirk looks like Bowie!

Geoff said...

This inspired me to blow the dust off my Leonard Nimoy album and listen to "The Legend of Bilbo Baggins" over and over again.


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