Friday, July 05, 2013

Kenner Alien Promotional Catalog

In 1979, Kenner toys gave out this promotional catalog to prospective industry buyers to promote what they hoped would be their next big science fiction property "Alien".

 While the film itself was a hit and still considered a classic, Kenner would soon realize that the world wasn't ready for toys based on R rated sci fi horror films. (that would change).

What follows is a little piece of 70s toy history:

Speaking of Alien: The good people at Super 7 are righting a wrong and bringing us the unproduced Kenner Alien 3 3/4" line. To top it off, they're doing it in the coolest, most retro way possible, click the banner for more information (this is not a compensated endorsement in any way, I just care that much)

More Kenner Alien:

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