Friday, July 19, 2013

Pod Stallions Episode 6: Rack Toys!

In this super chunk installment, Jason and Brain extol their love for cheap, disposable pharmacy toys of bygone days.

"Rack Toys" gets into what they are, Brain's personal history and why he wrote a book about them. We talk about the major players, the hot licenses and our own personal stories of Rack Toy Love. We also try to explain why they are so appealing to us, even as adults and we create a "wish list" of Rack Toys we wish would have happened.

We also get POWERFULLY off track at times and discuss everything from Willy Wonka Vs Wizard of Oz, Mego toys and of course, Schneider from "One Day at a time" who I'm surprised has only come up once thus far...

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Galaxy Ghoul said...

Another great episode guys! Keep 'em coming


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