Friday, June 21, 2013

Pod Stallions 5: Where are you coming from Spider-Man?

In this installment, Jason and Brain wax nostalgic over the days when we didn't get spoiled by three Superhero movies a Summer. The time when Captain America had a van, Spider-Man was a Von Trap child and Sinestro used to open for Sinatra.

"Where are you coming from Spider-Man" explores what a Superhero loving child had to choose from in the 70's, reruns of Batman, a decent series about the Incredible Hulk and a strangely disco Doctor Strange.

All that and a particularly powerful flub by Brain, enjoy!

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Dancin' Homer said...

This is a subject near and dear to me, i watched a lot of the shows/movies you talked about and yes, felt that each one was a major event (esp if it was Marvel). When you mentioned how great it was that Marvel Universe characters popped up on "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends", I was fully expecting you'd touch on the XMen appearance in the episode "A Firestar is Born". At the time, XMen was the best comicbook on the market (imo), but the world at large knew nothing about them. I still remember the thrill of finally seeing them in animated form . . . and the utter confusion of hearing Wolverine speak with an Australian (or South African?) accent!

Dancin' Homer said...

ps - great job by the way, the podcast was great fun and nostalgia!

Plaidstallions said...

Thanks man!

BTW we'll probably touch on Amazing Friends in another podcast as Jason and myself are both fans of the series.


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