Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jiggler Supreme

In 1979 Ben Cooper released a wave of jigglers that comprised of The Thing, Red Skull, Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. They also did corresponding Halloween costumes that year. They were misleading advertised as ersatz action figures in a Heroes World ad, so I really wanted to track them down as an adult.

Dr Strange never made it to the A-List in 70s comics, prior to this I'd seen a cameo he made in a Spider-Man comic. I think the big reason for his inclusion into this line was his TV movie that ran a year previous on CBS. I think it really helped raise his profile.

I'd never held the figure prior to last week and it's charming and a bit goofy, Dr Strange is really mad about something here!

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Devlin Thompson said...

In the early years of eBay, I narrowly missed one of these listed as a "Lando Calrissian" jiggler. This was before the rise of sniping services, and I got distracted and missed it closing at something like $8.00. At least I have the Red Skull.

Chad said...

That particular copy looks like it's been buried in someone's backyard for 30 years...

Iain said...

Now there is a toy that would have given me nightmares - still might.


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