Saturday, June 15, 2013

Darth and Chewie in Texas

I got an email from Mark this week who actually apologized for "adding to my pile of Darth Vader appearances" (he did get around) and then opened the photos. What Mark doesn't realize is there is few things I like better in this life than....

 Weird, homemade Star Wars costume appearances! Oh, I could hug you for this, sir. Mark (pictured in the middle) says it best:

"This pics were taken back in 1978 at the Angelina Mall (which no longer exists) in Lufkin, Texas.  The costumes are not very good but back in ’78 – it was freakin’ awesome!"

I have no doubt about that, I'd have been in awe too.

Dark lord of the Sith and judging by his chest, model railway enthusiast. 

Thanks a bunch Mark, these are incredible.

plaid Stallions mall appearance gallery
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thekevinlc said...

Oh, wow! What a small world! I live in Lufkin as well and went to this signing as a kid. I wish I still had the autographs.

btw... I used to love the Angelina Mall. There's a Kmart and some other nonsense in its place now.

Thanks for a the blast from the past.

Chris Cummins said...

That Chewy autograph is AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, that phony Chewbacca doesn't even know how to spell his name properly. It's Chewie, not Chewy.

sharxfan said...

When he's not helping defeat The Evil Empire, "Chewy" enjoys relaxing with his fellow home computer enthusiasts.


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