Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cool Collections: John's Monsters

vintage universal monster toys

I LOVE it when folks share their collections with me, especially when it's stuff near and dear to my heart like Monster toys. John was kind enough to give us a peak into his lair today and it's a drool worthy assortment of old and new, more after the jump. If you dare!

vintage universal monster toys

A lot going on here the fetish doll from Trilogy of Terror, Kenner Alien, Mattel Krusher and of course a Shogun Warrior...
vintage universal monster toys

John like a lot of folks I know loves his gill man and I don't blame him! My favourites in this shot are the AHI bend Em Creature and the 9" Remco verison. Neither of those are easy to find in such nice condition.

vintage universal monster toys

Hey that's Gor King of the Terrons from Hasbro's Super Joe line sneaking in there, he really fits in well actually.
vintage universal monster toys

Have I mentioned John has great taste? These Remco mini monsters prove it.

vintage universal monster toys

Godzilla! That diecast Godzilla from Bullmark is a wonderfully weird and fun piece, he's a transformer!
vintage universal monster toys

The coffin bank interested me as a kid, never owned one though.

Thanks to John for sharing his magical displays with us, if you'd like to share your cool collection please drop me a line!

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David at Sherry Lou Toys said...

me want to go to there

Blog for Light is the New Dark - Studio said...

Love the Creature From the Black Lagoon stuff, but that Trilogy of Terror doll would give me the willies if I had it in my collection. As scary today as it was to me as a child. Great collection!

kidneyboy said...

Nice collection, I really like the Tron Lightcycles next to the mini-monsters! I hope they ride around in them!


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