Friday, June 04, 2010

Palitoy Action Man 1979

Palitoy Action Man for 1979

While G.I. Joe was a fond memory for North American kids, he was living large in the UK under the guise of Action Man. Action Man was not only popular but he was outselling Star Wars action figures, which is no small feat.

What differentiates the line from the G.I. Joe we knew as a kid is that Action Man never lost it's military flavour. Sure you could get an Adventurer with a beard but for the most part, Action Man was a clean cut, rough and tumble soldier (and sometimes space ranger) with a multitude of cool outfits and a battalion of groovy vehicles to back him up.

Palitoy Action Man for 1979

Palitoy Action Man for 1979

Included in this great catalog are some shots of my pal Bill Frost's wicked Action Man collection, which includes US characters like Atomic Man and Bullet Man with a UK twist.

Palitoy Action Man for 1979

Click Here to Visit the 1979 Palitoy Action Man Catalog

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