Friday, June 25, 2010

The Adventures of Don, Bill and Jac!

"Don Bill Jac" sounds a bit like an obscure early 70s film you'd catch at 4 am, there's good reason for this as it's the name of a toyline that could only exist in the 1970s. Don, Bill and Jac consisted of the titular heroes and their "each sold seperately" outfits and accessories.

If you've never heard of these toys but find it oddly familiar to you at the same time, it's because Don Bill Jac was only sold in Italy but it is a clever repackaging of a toy line known to North American kids as "Mr Action" (more on him soon).

The results are really quirky and fun, enjoy the 1975 Baravelli "Bill Jac Don" catalog:

Other Foriegn Market Toys

big jim in mexico mego in mexico lili ledy 1977

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JFStan (Meatball) said...

Ha! The green 6-wheeler looks like a "Power Wheels" version of the Adventure Team Mummy's Tomb vehicle.


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