Friday, June 11, 2010

Galoob A Team Catalog

In 1984, Galoob toys launched an exciting line of toys based one of the bigger surprise hits of the decade. The A Team was a loud, fun and somewhat cartoony adventure show that had adults laughing and children everywhere captivated. It makes perfect sense that this motely crew would become part of a merchandising phenomenon.

With the movie coming out and all the new merchandise, it felt like a good idea to take a look at what had come before.

Click on the images below to see larger pages with descriptions:

Visit the 1984 Galoob A Team Catalog Here

Another kind of "A Team"

G.I. Joe Action Team Line from Germany


Alphacentaurian said...

Good memories... very good memories! Had the figures when they came out. Me and my bro were big into the show, as it was a good replacement for our previous addiction: The Dukes of Hazzard!

Arkonbey said...

What? When did those come out? I have no memories of them whatsoever.

Actually, I have only one easily-recallable A-Team memory at all, but I won't bore you ;)

Glen Davis said...

I had both the large A-Team figures, and the the 2.5 inch ones, as well.

The main trouble with the line, I think, is the dearth of villains. I bought the villains for the 2.5 inchers, but mostly had them fight against COBRA.

John III said...

I don't recall those figures either. Don't think I would have wanted them though. Love the smiles on the toy faces though. "I love these guns! Now dance sucka!"

Anonymous said...

The 3 3/4 figures were fun since you could interact with GI Joe, giving them much more vehicles, accessories, and characters to play with.

The big problem was the figures were just crappy and fell apart like a swap meet knockoff toy. Eventually we just swapped the heads onto Joe bodies so they could stay together.

The line was very short-lived, and while I remember seeing all the toys at one point, they made their way to the discount aisle along with Crystar and Bone Age pretty fast.

rob! said...

What, no useless Amy figure?


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