Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Mantooth Mania

Talk about good omens, the first thing I saw when entering this year's 2009 Megomeet show was Art Baltazar's 8" mego custom of our very own spokes model, Brick Mantooth. Art got the bug when he did a portrait of Brick a couple of week's ago and I'm glad he did.

Using a modified Big Jim head is wonderfully appropriate as is Art's idea to simply wrap the doll in a towel, I really wish I'd thought of both....

Check out more of Art's Custom Megos!


JAVIER said...


My name is Javier , i am from Spain , you have a very beatiful blog.
I have action figures from 70 y 80 , most of them from spain , like madelman , geyperman/actionman , gi joe , starwars , you can see at my blog.

congratulations for your blog

best regards


lisa said...

That Brick figure is just plain awesome!!!


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