Thursday, July 17, 2008

Master of the Mystic Nap

When you look at vintage pajama shots, you see a lot of staples, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Hulk are the biggies. Rarely do you see a B-List hero in the lot (please no hate mail) such as Doctor Stephen Strange.
Doc never got much respect in the way of merch as a kid, as far as I can tell he only got a Halloween Costume and a jiggler. As a comic loving kid, I was aware of the character but never read a comic of his until my teens.


wurwolf said...

OMG, can I just say how much I LOVE those muscle car pajama tops?! I would totally love to have one -- preferably the GTO (how did Honda manage to get in there?). I would wear that pajama top out to the movies, that's how awesome I think they are.

Anonymous said...

Dr Strange does seem a strange choice for kiddie pajamas. I read his comics now and then, but mostly knew him from The Defenders.

He did get his own 1-shot TV movie in the late '70s. I remember being bored to tears by it. Maybe these PJ's were made to cash in on the TV exposure that Doc, like Spidey & Hulk, was getting.

rob! said...

i watched the Dr Strange TV movie up in my parent's bedroom while they--and the rest of the country--were watching Roots.

by the hoary hosts of hoggoth, what did CBS' programmers have against Dr Strange?


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