Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cool Reasons to Rummage in your Parents Basement

Gumcards! Gumcards! Gumcards!

Vintage Valentines

What's left of childhood friends.

I also found several old Eaton's catalogs, I can't believe I moved out of there without this stuff. My wife was thrilled to see me pull up with a "basementy smelling" box.....


chunky B said...

My wife was more than happy when I brought home Mego Spock, the die cast Falcon, and a whole set of Empire Strikes Back bubble gum cards... Like you I can't believe I left this stuff behind!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Cool stash Brian. Whath is that bottom picture of?

I recently retrieved some more stuff from my dad's basement. I went for some musty-smelling MOTU figures, but walked away with a Star Wars pop-up book I had completely forgotten about, and an Isis sticker fun/coloring book that must have belonged to my sister!

Even my indulgent wife told me to keep that stuff outside until I de-funkified it.


megomuseum said...

that's the shield from SuperJoe Chris, the figures have elastics that break. He also have a rotted battery inside (Boo Hoo!)

john said...

I loved the collector cards. You would typically get a batch of cards and some stickers. The gum was this pink piece of sugary cardboard.


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