Thursday, July 12, 2007

Batteries not Included

cool remote controlled toys

Remote Control seemed to come on real strong in the late 70's, wireless toys became more cost effective I guess. I had the remote controlled R2-D2 (which broke quickly!) and remember desiring Tobor greatly. That Batmobile by Remco would have been killer too.

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W Fletcher said...

I had Tobor. It was a fairly simple toy, and not truly remote control (at least, not in the conventional sense.) Tobor took his cues (heck, I think it was just a cue) from the 'remote control' which was really just a clicking device. (Any sharp sound, like a hand clap, would suffice as well.) He would go straight, turn in only one direction (left, if I recall) and you could set up his spring-loaded arms to snatch up his briefcase accessory, if he collided into it properly.


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