Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Adventures of Big Red?

I found this odd toyline in a spiegel's 1974 Christmas catalogue recently. I was first caught by his resemblance to Dr. Quest but then I started to recognize the pieces. Big Red is actually better known as "Mr. Action," a G.I. Joe wannabe produced by LJN that we all probably have pieces of in our toyboxes and didn't even know it. I still have that flightsuit.

Pieces from this line appeared in several G.I. Joe catalogue pages and the dolls themselves were sold worldwide, just under many different names and aliases. You can't fool me Big Red if indeed that is your real name......


Anonymous said...

I had that Jeep as a kid ! It was rugged and fit G.I. Joe well. Thanks for the info PlaidStallions ! Michael - Las Vegas, NV

Allan Goodall said...

I had the tower! I bought it as a kid from a Zeller's in Oshawa. Haven't thought of this in... 30 odd years?


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