Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sleep Tight!

When I see stuff like this, I'm always reminded of the trips to New Jersey I'd take with friends and some of the lovely "by the hour" places we'd stay in. I swear this is what we'd sleep in only the all the pictures would have broken glass. One friend of mine (who I know is reading this) slept fully dressed one night (including shoes) on top of the bedspread (which is the thing they never wash Brian, watch some CSI!)

My favourite motel is in Clarence NY, it's a series of little cottages next to a cemetary.

I'm a miserly type, so I continued this practice well into getting married with a decent job, that was until my wife instituted the "Holiday Inn or better" policy of '02.

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Anonymous said...

Clarence, NY?? I grew up in GETZVILLE, corner of Hopkins and North French grad from North High 1988 - holy cow I am enjoying your site!!! It's my whole life flashed before me!!


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