Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mattel Shogun Warriors

mattel shogun warriors

Our coverage of the 1980 Mattel catalog resumes with one of the coolest toy lines ever, The Shogun Warriors featuring a couple of Toho classic Monsters. What kid didn't want these?


Sean said...

These things were the COOLEST... My little brother had Raydeen, I had Mazinga. There were little dangerous plastic darts flying everywhere that xmas.. :)

Anonymous said...

Same here I remember my older brother Joseph and I got these for Christmas. We went crazy!! It is true that there never was a commercial for these things that I could remember. I remember they were really well made because we use to beat them up really good. Seeing these pictures reminds me of the look, feel, and even smell of the toy. Great site. I am 35 now and I am getting choked up looking at these pictures. Remembering when things were so simple. Thanks dude.



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