Thursday, November 16, 2006

I repeat : Couples shouldn't Dress Alike

Now, dump all your friends

Unless you're in some sort of band, it's not cool to wear matching red denim outfits. When a guy willingly starts doing stuff like this, his friends can kiss him goodbye. Trust me, that's the expression my buddy had when I last saw him, it's been two years......

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Anonymous said...

i lived in a 1970s home and it was ugly the colors in the house never matched anything and it even though it was a new house the green shiny velvet carpet looked dark and dirty and the cream colored carpet looked ugly and it was alll bland and boring and the colors where wierd and i never could tell what color was what like we had a yellow wallpper but then it looked kinda gold sometimes and stripes and flowers yee ha and greens and pinks yuck


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