Monday, July 20, 2020

Woman's Day meets Star Wars

If your mum actually made you this playset in 1980, know that I envy you. Also, please share photos.

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Sean said...

Not that one, bud my parents did get us the original one Christmas.

I'll look around for pictures, but it was pretty much as pictured in the magazine. My dad must have worked away in the garage for weeks... months... on it. My little brother pulled the top dome off trying to get it out of the box. Otherwise, many hours of fun were provided.

Don C said...

I built one when I was a kid too. Built the Dagobah set as well, but used confetti instead of slime on that one.

Woman's Day had some fantastic playsets, back in the day. These, the Outer Space Station (which I haven't built.... yet....) Supercity. (Which still fills my living room....) It's weird that there aren't more plans for projects like this nowadays. (Then again, the late 70's/early 80's were the heyday for arts and crafts.)

Don C.

John H said...

That set looks epic! I would have done nearly anything for that. That and an AT-AT.


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