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Colouring Book Theatre: The Space Sentinels and the Time Machine

wonderbug Colouring Book Time to crack open another vintage colouring book and see the madness inside!

The Space Sentinels and the Time Machine-1978 Rand McNalley

As a kid I seriously thought the world of Filmation's syndicated superheroes "The Space Sentinels" and wish it was better remembered today.

The show did get some pretty cool merchandise (I own quite a bit) and I was thrilled to find this colouring book.

Even though Rand McNalley is largely known for road atlases, they did have a children's book division and I fondly remember their Hanna Barbera children's books of the mid-1970s.

So grab your crayons and check out this adventure after the jump! 

Fantastic Four colouring  book
I'm happy to announce it's really nicely illustrated, it looks like they had oodles of Filmation reference material, it looks just like the cartoon. For an example of when they don't give the artist reference material for a colouring book, click here.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
There is, of course, many pages explaining the characters, their powers, their surroundings. I really like this one explaining Astrea's powers.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Then we meet our villain, Dr. Doom. Imagine how different the Fantastic Four comics would have been if Dr. Doom looked like my 9th-grade auto shop teacher Mr. Brown.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Doctor Doom has a time machine and uses Dinosaurs to steal Gold, now, if you're wondering why he doesn't just plunder from the past, worry not this colouring book has an oddly satisfying conclusion.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
This is where the book slows down, after like 2 dozen pages of the Sentinels getting the news, then debating how dinosaurs could exist in this modern era, they finally leap into action. 

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Then we're treated to a dozen pages of them getting chased by dinosaurs until they realize they're superheroes. Then it's another dozen pages of them trying to get into Dr. Doom's lab.


Fantastic Four colouring  book
They finally get in and discover the whole thing is a fraud, Dr. Doom doesn't have a time machine, it's just this sort of "Scooby-Doo" type contraption. 

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Dr, Doom is captured and sent to jail for making the duck face in 2020. The gold is returned and everything is wrapped up neatly. 

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Bill B. said...

My favorite page is where the Tyrannosaurus and Tricerotops are posing for a picture like tourists in the big city and Hercules photobombs it.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Seems like the art department didn't put much effort into these coloring books. Just pasted in some stock character poses from Filmation's library over a simple background.


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