Friday, March 22, 2019

Black Hole Masks!

These wonderful masks from Italy are from my friend John's collection, they're exactly like the Ben Cooper/Collegeville designs but there was never a smock to go with it.

Honestly, I am just awash in envy about that Humanoid mask, I have a weird affliction for the brain dead zombies of Dr. Reinhart and always will. I really want to thank John for sharing these amazing artifacts.


YesterdayIsNow said...

Vincent is kinda cute - the others are all a bit sad looking. The sentry robot looks clinically depressed. Must have been made after opening weekend.

Roberta FlackSabbath said...

Every now and then you post something that makes my breath stop. I think you are actually a hitman that's been hired to off me that's also playing a very long game.

Charlton Hero said...

I am a huge Black Hole fan and I must say this is a crazy find!! Just incredible!!


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