Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Archie at Riverdale High

Archie comics and cartoons ruled when I was a kid and I would have loved to have these groovy figures by Marx toys. However, I just don't remember them so Jughead never got to team up with Batman and Big Jim.

Oh, the adventures they would have had!

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YesterdayIsNow said...

No Reggie?? And why is Jughead dressed up like a banana in picture 7? Shouldn't he be a hamburger?

Anonymous said...

The inset picture depicts when Jughead got fired from the Riverdale McDonald's after eating 100 quarter pounders with cheese during his morning coffee break.

Anonymous said...

Archie's Jalopy was never in that good of shape (also wrong colour), that thing looks like it came fresh out of an episode of "Counting Cars".

top_cat_james said...

Archie's jalopy has room for dolls to "ride" inside.

Is that how it was referred to back then - "riding"?

DBenson said...

As a late boomer kid, I remember tons of Archie comics around in the early 60s -- including the corn-loving "Mad House" and the straight adventures of "Little Archie" -- but zero Archie merchandise, unless you count the fan club button you could send in for. By the time Archie had a cartoon show and attendant marketing, real adolescence distracted me.


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