Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Zayre Wars

I think this ad nicely captures the moment in time where my personal lust for all things Star Wars reached a pinnacle. As a kid I had all but two (never got a 12 inch Vader or R2) of the items pictured here. All of them got ruined not by neglect but by constant play.


Brian said...

Happy to report I still have the same toys (also excluding the large figures) and they are in good shape the only things missing are the clear hatch on the X Wing and the garbage for the compactor.The light on the tie fighter still works too!

Seventiesfan said...

I really miss Zayre I remember going there almost very weekend, usually to buy Star Wars action figures when they cost less than in Lionel Playworld or Sears. I'm looking at my Death Star playset right now.

john Dominguez said...

Agreed . Zayre's was a wonderful place AND they used pricing stickers that were easily changed to a lower price . Good times . Now I think I know why they went out of business :


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