Friday, July 07, 2017

Mattel Battlestar Galactica Action Figure Commercial

Happy Friday!

Here is another commercial transfer, this it the original Mattel Battlestar Galactica Action Figure commercial from 1979, a new transfer of the original reel. 

It's kind of ironic that this features mainly the 'peg warming" characters like Imperious leader, Ovion and Daggit. Also, why does Starbuck talk like a robot?

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Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

I loved this so much I had to reblog it over at Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures!

Hope that's ok! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for your site! It just makes me smile every day.

Regarding the commercial, is there any way to find out who is doing the voice-over? He sounds familiar (like an actor who usually plays "bad guys") but I can't place him.

Just wondered.



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