Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Electronic Hulk

If  I had a screen that readout my rage levels, it would include  Driving, Paying Taxes, Home Depot on a Saturday,  Waiting in long check out lines and then of course, Hulk Raging.


benestro138 said...

I hulked out at Home Depot earlier this week. I nearly smashed!

That toy looks awesome, I don't recall seeing those anywhere back then though.

The Human Fly said...

Needless to say , the Incredible Hulk TV Series was a true gem of the 70's . toys and all . RIP Bill Bixby , you are missed and El Rey Network paid a wonderful tribute this last Memprial day Weekend with Lou Ferrigno as the host.

Oh yeah , go to Hone Depot early , when they open to avoid the lines Or better yet , Ace Hardware. Always a better place to go !


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