Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Aviva Star Trek the Motion Picture Merchandise

I absolutely love Star Trek: The Motion Picture merchandise, especially because I could still buy the majority of it at stores when I was in college.


Seventiesfan said...

I've got some nice Star Trek: The Motion Picture items including a book and record set, most of the Mego figures, Silly Putty, Knickerbocker Kirk and Spock, a comic, 3 coloring books, the Topps cards, Kirk and Spock window stickers, the cardboard Starfleet mobile, most of the Happy Meal items including the boxes, and a groovy poster that was given away at movie theaters.

Dr. Banner said...

Magically , our eyes are drawn down to his crotch area and I think Leonard Nimoy should have at least wore underwear or a jock strap to hide his Man Toe.
Also , was his head superimposed on Sulu's body somehow using 31st Century technology ? This may be a case for IN SEARCH OF :


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