Thursday, March 02, 2017

Entex Space Invader

If i had even minimum wage for every hour i played this in 1981, I'd likely have a paid for home right now.

PS Holy cow this was expensive.


Gamera977 said...

Gee, I had one of these way back then! Still think it's around somewhere, I wonder if it would still work? And yeah, that was a big chunk of change back in the early '80s.

Hauntedheadful said...

I remember this. I was 12 at Christmas of that year and I wanted a Space invader game as a gift. My parents took me to a Mall to see what choices there was.This was a higher priced game,but I remember T Cosmic Conflict being $49.99,even worse!I eventually received Bandai's Missile Invader, which was middle-of-the-road at $19.99.Cheapest was Tomy's games,like Blip and Hit and Missile, as low as $9.99!I still have Missile Invader,it's on the coffee table in my living room.In fact, my grand daughter plays a round once in a while.

Hauntedheadful said...

Correction,I meant Tomy's Cosmic Combat,not Cosmic Conflict.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

awesome! this was one of the very first hand held video games i ever had i'd give anything to get my hands on a working one today.

Seventiesfan said...

I just bought one on Ebay about 2 minutes ago.


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